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About Tomorrow Blog: Mending the Heartache of Grief
About Tomorrow Blog is a place where individuals can share their experience and comments on grief healing in general and the "About Tomorrow" audio CD in particular. If you have been touched by this grief recovery CD or have found it helpful in your bereavement work with others, please visit this moderated blog and leave your comments.

Grief Digest is a quarterly magazine supporting grieving people and caregivers. The Centering Corporation which is the largest and oldest grief resource center in the country has created this resource by gathering a remarkable group of writers to aid you in your journey. Your new, reader-friendly magazine will include the best writers and speakers in the field of bereavement. There will be interesting articles on coping and dealing with grief, help for the caregiver and most of all, the usual quality and support you expect from your Centering family. Add to that a tremendous editing job by former Bereavement Magazine publisher Andrea Gambill and you have a quarterly support group at your fingertips.

Crisis, Grief, & Healing: Webhealing.com was the internet’s first interactive grief web site and has served the bereaved on the net since 1995.  It offers grief discussion boards where men and women can discuss, (main, child-loss, siblings), issues related to grief and healing or browse recommended grief books.

The Centering Corporation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and resources for the bereaved. Centering was founded in 1977 by Joy and Dr. Marvin Johnson. We started with nine little coloring books for hospitalized children and two workshop offerings for nurses and families. In response to the need for support by families and caregivers while facing their grief experience we developed many new resources. Today we have over 100 books and for children and adults, My Friends Emotion Dolls, a Memory Bag for children, five videos and caring cards, plus over 200 books and resources from other publishers. We continue to provide educational offerings and workshops for caregivers and families. The second generation, Janet and Ben Sieff, brings new life and ideas to meet our changing needs in todays bereavement experiences.

Willowgreen is a multifaceted provider of information, inspiration, and support for life transition and aging, loss and grief, illness and caregiving, hope and spirituality, and healing presence. Its books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, notecards, and photography blend the modern with the age-old, the practical with the poetic.

Dr. H. Norman Wright is one of America's best know Christian counselors, he served on the faculty of Talbot School of Theology, at Biola University and is the former director of their Graduate Department of Marriage, Family and Child Counseling. Dr. Wright is the author of more than 70 books.

The Center for Loss is dedicated to "companioning" grieving people as they mourn transitions and losses that transform their lives. We help both mourners, by walking with them in their unique life journeys, and both professional caregivers and lay people, by serving as an educational resource and professional forum.

Our founder and director, Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt has created a model of "companioning" versus "treating" people in grief and presents numerous workshops each year for hospices, hospitals, schools, universities, funeral homes, community groups and a variety of other organizations. He also teaches retreat-oriented learning experiences for bereavement caregivers at the Center for Loss, located in the beautiful mountain foothills of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Dr. Wolfelt is the author of many books and resources that are helpful to both caregivers and grieving people. If you are grieving or want to help others in grief, we invite you to explore our website. Thank you for your support of the mission of the Center for Loss and Life Transition.

Living With Loss: Hope and Healing for the Body, Mind and Spirit features articles, stories, poems and resources for the bereaved by grief educators and presenters, facilitators and caregivers, authors and writers, and most important the bereaved themselves. Our mission is to offer compassion and hope with the most current resources, tools and perspectives in the bereavement field. Most important, we invite the bereaved to consider alternative and innovative ways to cope with the diverse issues and concerns that make their grief journey unique.

Professionals who are eminent in the field of grief education write regular departments in each issue from their perspectives about their own grief experiences as bereaved parents, siblings, spouses, children, relatives, friends and co-workers. Columnists include Rev. Dr. Richard Gilbert, Rabbi Earl Grollman, Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Dr. Robert Thompson, Nita Aasen, Rachel Kodanaz, Sr. Marilyn Carpenter, Harold Ivan Smith, Dr. J. Shep Jeffreys, Linda Goldman, Harry McDonald, Mitch Carmody, Sandy Goodman, Norm Bouchard, and Editor, Carla Blowey. Department articles present traditional and alternative perspectives, coping techniques and resources that address physical and mental health issues, the psychology of mourning, ecumenical faith and cross-cultural perspectives, the grief of children and seniors, grief in the workplace and even appropriate humor. Topics and articles will present traditional and alternative perspectives, resources and tools for healing the grief that resides in the body, the mind, the heart and the spirit while living with loss.

Hope After Loss ~ Mary Christopherson lives Hope After Loss. The twice divorced mother of two learned early on that life is not fair. No matter what losses she experienced, she believed in hope and created a new life. When she recently lost her beloved spouse, Duane, to a brain tumor, she authored and self-published Winning with a Bad Hand; A Story of Love, Loss and Healing, the personal and inspirational account of their journey through his illness and death, and of her own transformation through grief.

The author of this blog hopes it will be a blessing to those going through the difficult time following a miscarriage.


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