“Reading is good, but listening to this CD is much, much better! It’s like having an intimate group of precious friends always available in my home to comfort, support, encourage and love my broken heart.”

– Andrea Gambill
Editor, Grief Digest magazine

About tomorrow is a 66-minute program designed for those making their way through the first few months after a loss. Listen to it from beginning to end or a little at a time. You can also follow the track outline provided to review specific sections of interest.


Track Index

Why grief is natural and normal
How grief affects us mentally
How grief affects us emotionally
How grief affects us physically
  How grief affects us socially...
      ...keeping ourselves isolated
      ...burying ourselves in busyness
      ...the effect on other relationships
      ...comforting our children when we
          need comfort ourselves
  How grief affects us spiritually...
      ...as a challenge to our faith
      ...as the fruit of our faith
Song: "With Hope"
  Things that hinder our healing...
      ...insensitive people
      ...unfinished business
      ...delaying or "stuffing" our grief
  Things that hasten our healing...
      ...releasing our grief
      ...talking about our loved one
      ...helping other people
      ...talking with the right kind of people
      ...grief counseling/support groups
The "roller coaster" of grief
Growing through grief
Song: "The Ones Left Standing"

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